HD Is Here: Haught’s New Venture

Are you ready for HD?  No, not high-def.  That’s old hat.

It’s “Haughtline Dweethly”, an online magazine updated daily, weekly, monthly – or more often if the editor takes a notion.

NSNC Newsletter Editor Robert L. Haught, with an assist from his wife, Mary, launched the new Internet publication March 1.  The magazine’s content is varied, featuring political humor and feature articles and containing sections on travel, dining, gardening, books and writing.  Others may be added later.

“This is an exciting new venture,” said Haught.  “It’s my response to the decline of print journalism.”  As for squeezing daily-weekly-monthly into “Dweethly”, he said:  “It’s the only weird name I could think of that wasn’t already being used by a bank or cell phone company.”
Take a look at “Haughtline Dweethly” at http://www.haughtline.net/.


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