Sex Advice by Columnist Isadora Alman

UPDATE: “Bluebirds of Impossibles Paradises…” is now available in paperback as well as eBook. Longtime NSNC member Isadora Alman has written a new novel with an arousing title: “Bluebirds of Impossible Paradises, A Sexual Odyssey of the 70’s” – published by as an eBook.  “It has a few very good reviews but I would welcome a few more,” she says.She is a board certified sexologist, a California licensed relationship therapist, and a syndicated sex and relationship columnist.

Her “Ask Isadora” column has appeared in news weeklies worldwide for more than 25 years.  Web surfers can find her on her free online Sexuality Forum

*NOTE:  When you click on the Amazon link from our website and buy a book at Amazon, a percentage of the sale goes to the NSNC

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