Election 2010 – NSNC Officers

Each year half of the officers on the NSNC Board of Directors are elected at the annual general membership meeting.  It will be held at the close of the 2010 Conference in Bloomington, Ind., on Sunday, July 11.
This year the offices to be filled are: President, Vice President, Newsletter Editor, Web Editor, and Education Chair.  In addition, members will vote on a Secretary for one year to complete a two-year term during which the incumbent resigned.
President Samantha Bennett will appoint a nominating committee, and at least 60 days before the conference (May 8th) the committee will submit a list of candidates to the board, which will present the slate of nominees at the conference beginning July 8.
Anyone who is interested in being nominated for any of the above offices should notify President Bennett at sambennett1@verizon.net.  Descriptions of the offices may be found in Article 8 of the NSNC Bylaws, which are on the Web site.

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