New Syndicated Columnist Channel for Online Publishers

According to a business report in TransWorldNews online, a Florida based technology company called TinBu is developing a new online Syndicated Columnist channel available to web publishers by July 1st.  It will feature “national expert writers” in such areas as politics, Hollywood, business, travel and other topics.  Initial coverage will include weekly columns and daily content on a wide variety of subjects.

TinBu currently provides content to several thousand online clients, including hundreds of newspapers, television and radio stations, as well as news and information websites.  They create content channels that can “easily be integrated into websites.”  Over thirty content channels belonging to TinBu deliver revenue-producing advertising as well as content.

According to their business announcement, “A team of highly credentialed and experienced writers have been assembled to provide new and engaging commentary for this new channel. “ 

Their credentials include high profile customers such as AOL, MSNBC, USA Today, Fox, ATT, CBS, ABC,The New York Daily News,The Boston Globe, Yahoo and others.  To read more, including a list of their twelve upcoming columnists for the new venture, go to TransWorldNews website.

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