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The NSNC board decided that it was time for a newer website, something more in keeping with the times, something trendy and dynamic, to attract the attention of young potential members and to meet the changing needs of current members.

We wanted to do things that were not possible with the old site — have an RSS feed to let people know when the site is updated, integrate video clips from YouTube, have dynamic slide shows, create a member list available to everyone — to mention just a few.

Once we decided to commit to the change, it happened rapidly. Vice President, Ben Pollock, explored the possibilities at one of the best third-party platforms for journalists, WordPress.org. Templates were juggled, files were moved, adjustments made, and in a matter of weeks both Ben and the WebEditor became near experts at blog management. The site previously had a lot of files few could access, even with the search button. We cleaned a lot of that up, and along with the new navigation, material will be easier to find.

The theme selected by the board is called Swift, named for its fast loading time, and created by genius hacker Satish Gandham.  Based on a basic blog format, it contains cutting edge features. It is not to be confused with simple blogs but is a complete information handling system. The site was transferred to our server and tested by Neal Colson, President of Paze Interactive.

The website is one of the society’s main tools of communication with the membership as well as with the world.  We hope you will stay and explore for a while and please contribute your news, information and suggestions.  We are trying hard to respond to your suggestions.

How are we doing? 

Sheila Moss
NSNC WebEditor

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  2 comments for “About our Website

  1. April 15, 2010 at 7:56 am

    In general, I love the overhaul — very crisp and professional looking.
    Two little things that slowed me down a bit:

    On the “front page,” where you have a box with a story — when the write-ups were short, there was a lot of space, and then — as it turns out — the button for “see story”. But I didn’t associate that button with that story, since it was closer to the header for the story below it than it was to its own. Maybe if you grayed out the whole box, or put an outline around it all, I’d know which one the button belongs to.

    Also, as the pictures changed in the box at the top, I found that by the time I got through half of the caption, the picture had changed. Either keep the pictures up longer, or — better choice — write much shorter captions! Also, since MSNBC’s site has habituated me to looking below the photo for the caption, not beside it, I spent precious seconds looking for the caption. The one about the conference dates, esp. is far too long and detailed for that space.

    “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln..” great website!

    • April 15, 2010 at 10:31 am

      Great points, Judy. Appreciate your taking the time to analyze the design. As far as your two points — clearly showing which image and button are connected to which post, and the speed of the slideshow — those are inherent in this theme’s design. Corrections in its CSS coding would be both difficult and temporary (I almost got the slideshow slower a couple of weeks ago, then it reverted!). Not worth it. I’m happy to consider using other tested WordPress themes instead of this one so please direct me to some. — Ben P.

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