Bruce Cameron has gone to the dogs

Tell Your Pooch About Bruce Cameron’s Latest Promotion

1st A panelBest-selling author W. Bruce Cameron has switched from writing about his daughters and has gone to the dogs.  And he’s come up with a novel idea to promote his new novel, “A Dog’s Purpose.”  Here’s his pitch: 

“If you like dogs, I have something really fun going on at my web site, A Dog’s Purpose.  (If you don’t like dogs, don’t worry, they still like you.) 
“It’s called ‘Dog of the Week.’  Dogs upload pictures of themselves (sometimes their owners help out with this part) and then ask their friends vote for them.  The votes accumulate — it seems to take about two weeks for a dog to get enough votes to win, on average.
“Here’s the fun part if you didn’t think any of that sounded very amusing.  The winner of ‘Dog of the Week’ gets a FREE copy of my new novel, ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ (when it comes out in July.)  AND:  the ‘Dog of the Week’ gets to pick his favorite animal charity to receive a no-strings-attached $65.00 donation.  This amount is usually enough to spay or neuter a big dog in most areas.
“So:  the dog gets to be famous, gets to read a book, and gets to steer a donation to a favorite charity.  I told you it was really fun!”

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