Rob Nelson’s Farewell Column

Rob Nelson

Rob Nelson, former reporter for The Times-Picayune and WWL-TV in New Orleans, is leaving to accept a position as a national news anchor in New York. Rob is also our very first NSNC Student Scholarship winner, and as such, we feel a certain amount of paternal pride about his accomplishments. 

In today’s paper, Rob writes his farewell to New Orleans, a city that he has come to call home in the 10 years he has been there.  He says: “A big job awaits in New York, and some opportunities are simply too good to pass up. However, the pull toward and loyalty to this town are strong and lasting. This place is now a part of me and will always feel like home.”

Having held two recent Conferences in New Orleans, one pre-Katrina and one post, NSNC also has developed a strong attachment to the city. To quote Rob again, “New Orleans is more than a city. It’s a state of mind. It’s an attitude.”

Check out Rob’s column at the Time-Picayune and refresh your memory on what great writing looks like and what makes New Orleans so special and unique.

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