Board meets – Detroit site of next Conference

The Board of Directors met Thursday prior to the Bloomington Conference with a quorum present and VP Ben Pollock presiding due to the delay in arrival of the president. 

Several items of business were discussed, including resuming the formerly popular silent auction which supported the Education Foundation. A volunteer is needed to run the auction if it is resumed, and anyone interested is urged to contact a board member. 

The column contest was discussed with the possibility of combining some categories and addition of others. No action was taken on this by the board pending election of a Chair for the Writing Contest for next year and checking to see what size papers might need to be included in new categories. Other items were discussed with a volunteer for next year’s Contest Chair being the most pressing current need.

The financial condition of the organization is good at this time due to the fund-raising efforts of the current Conference Chair, Mike Leonard. Time of year best for holding the conference was discussed and whether Spring or Fall might be better than summer for attendance.  A motion was passed to hold the next conference for 2011 in Detroit with Brian O’Connor as Chair.

A report from the out-going Membership Chair was received and ideas from Cynthia Borris regarding membership. It was generally felt that personal contacts are the best way to create interest and gain new members.

The purpose of the organization is education, support, advocacy, and networking. Columnist population served by NSNC is changing. Staff columnist members have changed to freelance columnists and we are moving toward online columnists and bloggers.

Anyone wishing to volunteer for a postion or committee should see any board member at the conference and members are reminded that officers are recommended by a nominating committee, but can also be nominated from the floor at the general membership meeting on Sunday.

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