The 2010 Winning Contest Columns

General Interest Greater than 100,000 Circulation

Tom Rademacher, The Grand Rapids (Mich.) Press – First Place 
Death Sentence: Sex-offender law pushed homeless man out of shelters, into cold –
Teen dispenses fresh smiles  –
2 families grieve as tragedies strike

Norris Burkes, Gannett New Service – Second Place
Tears and near beer honor a fallen patriot
Enemies need prayer, care too
Small Calif town mourns the loss of young brave soldier

Peg McEntee, The Salt Lake (Utah) Tribune – Third Place
Utahn of the year: A profile in courage and faith
End-of-life conversations with Dad
McEntee: Arguments about Snake Valley water turn to dust under local scrutiny

Stu Bykofsky, Philadelphia Daily News – Honorable mention 
Alongside a ‘public intellectual’ 
A good man at rope’s end
Fractured families hurt everyone


HUMOR – Over 100k Circulation   

Stu Bykofsky – Philadelphia Daily News – First Place 
Nadya Suleman has public brooding
Sex study: Philly’s sagging
Time out for a heavenly chat

Samantha Bennett – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Second Place 
A wet blanket for the burning couch
Tipsy with power
A Halloween that doesn’t know jack

Charles Memminger: Honolulu Advertiser – Third Place
Casting your fate to the wind
A-list adopters take to the road
Suffering from a reptile problem

Terry Marotta, self-syndicated – Honorable Mention
Terry Marotta: How to Stay married
On the Home Front: Think comedy’s hard? Try therapy
Terry Marotta: Holiday don’t buys

Jim Shea, The Hartford (Conn.) Courant   – Honorable Mention
People without their own people are just ordinary people
My advice to graduates: Ignore my active
Walmart coffins could trigger stiff competition

General Interest under 100,000 Circulation

Sarah Fenske, Phoenix New Times – First Place
Councilman Sal DiCiccio Could Make a Mint if a Freeway Extentions Goes Through – But His Neighborhood Hates the Idea
Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Command Staff is Caught Up in a Serious Criminal Investigation, Newly Released Documents Show
Things Get Nasty in the Phoenix Police Department’s Homicide Bureau

Patricia Calhoun, Westword, Denver – Second Place
Judge Finesilver almost gave the Rocky Flats grand jury a big twentieth birthday present
Send North High’s principal to detention
The Colorado Civil Rights Division has a double standard for ladies’ nights — and newspapers

Leanne Libby, Corpus Christi (Texas) Caller-Times – Third Place
Politicos, please come home, not phone home
CCISD misses opportunity for kids to hear stay-in-school message
Breast cancer awareness goes into hyper-drive

Honorable mention: Ed Grismore, The Telegraph, Macon, Ga.
An open letter to all students
The ‘miracle’ of the Miracle League
Ray provided his own slice of life


HUMOR  – under 100K circulation 

Jeff Girod, Inland Empire Weekly, Corona, Calif. – First Place 
Final Word – California Supreme Court bans same sex marriage
Final Word – Politicians tax things.
Final Word – Baraack Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize

Karen Rinehart, Independent Tribune, Kannapolis, N.C. – 2nd Place 
Women Have It. Men Are Scared
That evil electronic contraption
BLOG: Say what??

Mark O’Brien, Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal – Third Place
Condo Man laughs at house-owner
Judge junks man’s suit over briefs
I just wish my father nad told me 
Trisha Blanchet, The Sun, Lowell, Mass. – Honorable Mention
Potty panic
The ABCs of childhood
A peculiar park pilgrimage

Bill Nash, Ventura County (Calif.) Star  – Honorable Mention
Saving the outhouses to preserve Americana
Request to chefs” Hold the cilantro — far from his plate
Buying a swimsuit with the wife takes years off your life


Donna Terek: Detroit News – First Place Online 
Dequindre Cut revealed as a gallery of graffiti masterworks
Satori Circus gives Detroit a ‘kick in the eye’ with absurdist shtick
Theatre Bizarre: A bloody imaginative fantasy party
Russell Frank: – Second Place Online 
When a Bus Shelter Is the Only Shelter
Could Be Worse
Joel Schwartzberg: – Third Place Online 
Why Am I More Competitive Than My Kids?
Is Hugging Bad for Teens?
Kids Music: I Can’t Stand It… And Shouldn’t Have To!


Blog Column

Roger Ebert,  Chicago Sun-Times – First Place
410 East Washington Street
My Name is Roger, and I’m an Alcoholic

Go gentle into that good night
Mary Curtis, AOL – Second Place (online)
Of Black Girls and Princess Dreams, Disney Style
Following the Sonia Soap Opera (Lindsey Graham Likes Her! He Really Likes Her!)

Tax-Free Guns with a Sidle of Barbecue

Joanne Salemink, – Third Place
Press One Now
Catch the Wave
Driving Queen Daisy
John Boston, – Honorable mention
The Boston Report: Tarzan and the Moist Lions of Dr. Holly Peno
The Boston Report: Coming this Fall: The Further Adventures of S.W.A.T. Monkey
Stop Writing or We’ll Kill You.

Maggie Van Ostrand, and – Honorable mention
A Confederate Soldier in Texas: Full Metal Corset
God Sues Congress
To Tweet or Not To Tweet: That Is the Question

Herb Caen Memorial Award (notes/items) 

**Michael McIntyre, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland – First Place
Can’t squelch that Irish spirit
Politician in spat over messy room
Drum major faces music for prez nod
Smiley Anders, The Advocate, Baton Rouge, La. – Second Place
They never made it to chapel
How Earl wooed the church vote
Bob Dyer, Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal – Third Place
AIDS cure is available in the Falls
Help them before they name again
Yard signs as common as leaves
Ed Addeo, Marinscope, Marin County, Calif. – Honorable mention
Piatti prices prove a pity
ABC  Stings Boating Club
Cops visit PC smasher

Russ Lemmon, Press Journal, Vero Beach, Fla. – Honorable mention
Training Site could be storage facility
Time to bring back old slogan
Animosity on display in the Commission


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