Board welcomes new members, discusses business

The NSNC Board of Directors met on August 10.  A new member at large, Mary C. Curtis, was appointed and welcomed to the board. Linda Caillouet, a former officer on the board, will also return as a member-at-large.

A discussion of finances and budget led to some new money-saving suggestions. 

There was lengthy discussion regarding the writing contest and whether current categories and rules serve our membership composition or whether some category changes might be needed. The matter was referred to committee to further study the matter and make recommendations. Judging the contest “blind” was suggested, but even through desirable is not seen as feasible. A rule rewriting committee was appointed by President Ben Pollock, and will report back to the board in two months at the next regular meeting.

The Detroit convention is starting to take form and Brian O’Connor, Conference Chair for 2011, reported that he will be sending out a Request for Proposal through the Detroit Convention and Visitors Bureau in the next week.  Regarding time of the year, members seemed to prefer June at the General Membership meeting in Bloomington, but time will also have to be determined by availability and cost.

At the request of President Ben Pollock, Luenna Kim made some interesting maps that show where members live and the locations of members that have attended conferences in the past. Membership seems to follow general population patterns. A membership survey and committee will be forthcoming to provide assistance and input on conference planning.

Several eager potential conference chairs have come forward and expressed willingness to host future conferences in 2012, 2013, and 2014. There was also an offer from another journalist organization to combine conferences for one year. “There’s no cost savings… But a big conference is exciting.” noted Pres Pollock in discussing possibilities. Consideration of sponsorships, ability to raise money, and the support of a conference or visitors bureau are also  factors for consideration. 

A major change from past practice will be undertaken with the student scholarship judging for next year when judges will work from student entries posted online instead of the paper entries mailed in by contestants. Education Chair Russell Frank feels that doing it electronically will be more efficient than dealing with all the paper involved otherwise.
An idea was suggested by Laura Snyder to encourage earlybird membership registration by offering a free NSNC T-shirt ($20 value).  Although no decision was made, most board members liked the idea and felt it would be well received and a way to bring recognition by encouraging members show their affiliation.

The next board meeting will be in two months.  If members have comments, ideas, suggestions or are interested in volunteering for a position on a committee, please contact President Ben Pollock via the feedback form. Copies of the entire minutes are available to NSNC members upon request.

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