9/11 – A Memorial

Many NSNC members have written columns for the ninth anniversary of the coordinated series of terrorist attacks that took place September 11, 2001, in New York City, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania.

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John MessederGettysburg Times – “Recalling 9-11, all of it

John writes: “… I was crossing Baltimore Street, heading into the courthouse to get on with my day’s endeavors. I was halfway across the street when my phone rang. It was my wife. Another plane had crashed into the other WTC tower.

“We’re at war,” I instantly thought.

* * *

Stu BykofskyPhiladelphia Daily News – “2 American Muslims talk about their faith on the eve of 9/11

“Since most Americans know little about Islam, I asked two local American Muslims to talk about how they understand and practice their faith. They eagerly agreed. One is Rafiyq Friend, a courts employee; the other is Moein Khawaja, executive director of the Pennsylvania branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).”

* * *

Bill Tammeus – National Catholic Reporter – “On 9/11, finding hope for Islam in America

“For my family each 9/11 lacerates our hearts anew because my 31-year-old nephew, the son of one of my three sisters, was a passenger on American Flight 11 — the first plane that hijackers smashed into the World Trade Center.”

* * *

Bill Tammeus – Bill’s Faith Matters Weblog – “A case for the Islamic center: 8-19-10

“Some people I respect a great deal — and one whom I love because she is a member of my family — disagree with me when I argue that the Ground Zero area is exactly the right place for this kind of Islamic presence.”

“I don’t need you to agree with me but perhaps you’d do me the kindness of reading dispassionately some reasons that lead me to this conclusion.”

* * *

Bill Tammeus – Bill’s Faith Matters Weblog – What we’re called to do now: 9-11/12-10

“So for this, the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attacks, I ponder all those things, but my thinking is disturbed this year by all of the anti-Islamic prejudice I see growing in America — from ridiculous people who believe Barack Obama is a Muslim to that strabismic publicity-hound pastor in Florida threatening — and then changing his mind — to burn the Qur’an this weekend.

* * *

Sherry Antonetti – Blog: Chocolate for your Brain – Remembering September 11th

“…Listening to the air force fly fighters overhead felt eerie that evening and the next and the next and I wondered if I’d ever hear a plane fly by without flinching again. Suddenly living just outside of DC felt like I was sitting on a giant target and sending my husband into the city two blocks from the White House, something terribly fraught with peril…”

* * *

Rick HorowitzHuffington PostP is for Pastor (Also for Poison) (Satire)

“…There are some who insist that we are playing with fire. They say that September 11 is a sacred day. They say that September 11, of all days, is not a day to be burning the Koran.

But would they have us burn the Koran on September 12? No! Or September 13? No!”

* * *

Sheila Moss – HumorColumnist.com – September 11,2010

“I had never even been to New York until I flew through Kennedy Airport this past year. Yet the pain was as real to the collective conscience of Americans as it was to those who lost loved ones. We wept for them. We wept with them.”

* * *

Terry Marlott – Exit Only – Nine Years Later

“Well, we’re chasing our guys still,” he said. “Three flew out of Logan this morning.” Then he hesitated. “So far we’ve heard from everyone but Bobby,” and in his use of this fond nickname I recognized in my spouse of many years that certain lightness of manner he uses to mask extreme worry. “We’re not sure yet about Bob.”

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  1. Holli Enfinger
    October 3, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    Many thanks for that information and facts. It’s very much appreciated! Thanks again.

  2. sarwar sukhera
    September 11, 2010 at 9:24 am

    I am a Muslim by accident of birth, but a non-believer of ancient religions otherwise. You will be surprised how a very small group of idiots have hijacked Islam and made life miserable for everybody. They kill way more of their own faith than soldiers of foreign nations. Have the conquerors not used religious slogans and waved patriotic flags throughout history when marching to loot and rob others?
    You have this Jones idiot and then Angelina Jolie. He had the whole world worried and she is worshiped like a goddess even in a country like Pakistan.
    USA is a country of my choice and I love her from the core of my heart, as do all the other immigrants. Please be kind and tolerant of us. Every Muslim is not Osama bin Laden as every Christian is not Hitler. Nor every business house is BP, Halliburton or Backwater.

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