Astor’s Weird Post

All the talk around NSNC today is the weird post Dave Astor put on Huffington Post about his NSNC job of scrapbooking.  Well, scrapbooking itself is on the weird side considering we are in the computer age and it involves paper, glue, scissors and tape.  But Dave is a weird guy and a good sport so he did it well.  Or maybe we are just weird for asking him to do such a thing in the first place, even if it is a tradition.

Anyhow, in spite of the scrapbooking reference and other weirdness, it is a nice article about our Bloomington conference, which was not at all weird – not counting the “Hole in the Bottom of the Sea” and the Kinsey lady’s dolls, of course. Other than that, we were about as normal as any group of columnists can be these days.

So, check out the HuffPo and read Dave’s article and you will see why I’m beginning to act a little weird myself trying to describe it.  It’s just that no other adjective except weird seems to fit.

–Sheila Moss – WebEditor

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