Updates to NSNC Website

While continuing to post new information on a continuing basis, we are also making a few changes. One of the more obvious is more “blogs” now being displayed on the front page. In the last few days, we have also made numerous behind the scenes changes to make it easier to navigate so you can find the information you are looking for. We have eliminated old information that is obsolete, but continue to retained articles of interest as a natural history of the organization.

WordPress recently announced there were 11 million downloads of WordPress 3.0 in just 42 days. WordPress is a great product; it’s easy-to-use and the basics are simple, but it’s also quite powerful. We are still learning more details about its capabilities and features, which are sometimes mind-boggling.  

In the meantime, more and more users are being powered by “WordPress” Of interest to the journalistic world is the fact that NPR recently announced the launch of a dozen topic-focused news sites, marking the debut of NPR’s ARGO Network – a new online journalism venture to give local coverage on subjects critical to communities and the nation.

Keep visiting, reading, and submitting articles and ideas to Columnists.com and we will keep doing our utmost to bring you up-to-date news about what’s going on in NSNC.

Sheila Moss, NSNC WebEditor

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