PenPals for Haitian Journalists

KeyboardThe Haiti News Project — has launched a penpal service between journalists in Haiti and the United States. The project is  an effort by press associations and news organizations to provide equipment, support and training after the island’s devastating earthquake in January.

The idea was originated by Haitian reporters working with Reuters correspondent Joseph Guy Delva. It was seen as a way for Hatian journalists to share their experiences, practice English, and sharpen their reporting skills..

Haiti News Project created the HNP PenPal registry  where journalists can find each other. If you would like to be  a pen pal,you can register at their website or email requesting a pen pal. Be sure to include a note of 50 words or less describing your work and interests.

People  from all over the world saw the terrible destruction of the 7.0 earthquake on Haiti’s already destitute and impoverished people and wanted to offer help. The PenPal project is way for columnists and journalists to offer guidance and assistance with what they know and do best.

Haiti has dozens of displaced and dispirited journalists without the means to produce information or do reporting. Contributions of laptop computers, digital tape recorders, video cameras, and photo cameras – new or used – are also needed. Haitian journalists, some of whom lost everything in the earthquake, can put these donations to good use.

Additional information about the project to help print journalist in Haiti can be found on the Haiti News Project website.

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