Astor: How to Lose Your Loyal Subscribers

Dave Astor scored again with his Huffington Post article on how a newspaper can alienate loyal subscribers. The basic steps are loosely listed below, but Astor tells it much better and much funnier.

STEP 1 – Have a newspaper that is not bad as dailies go, and doesn’t cost much.
STEP 2 – Buyout half the newsroom staffers while pleading poverty as the cause.
STEP 3 – Reduce the number of pages.
STEP 4 – Rely on wire copy instead of originality.
STEP 5 – Throw in a few typos and other errors
STEP 6 – Hike subscription prices – give less for more
STEP 7 – Announce how rich owner is, and that he is even richer since cutbacks.
STEP 8 – Watch subscribers fly out the windows and wonder why.

Read the original article on Huffington Post

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