Pete Hamill Drops E-book

Pete Hamill

Pete Hamill

 Pete Hamill’s “They Are Us,” an e-book about the politics of immigration in the United States, was tentatively scheduled for release by Little, Brown & Company this fall.  According to the New York Post, however, Hamill has dropped the project. 

Pete Hamill started his career at the New York Post in 1960. He has been a columnist for many years. He currently lives in New York City and writes for the New York Daily News

Hamill had  hoped the e-book would be out in time to stir some pre-election debate, but that didn’t happen. “I had a passion to do something about the immigration mess, for complicated reasons,” said Mr. Hamill, who has lived in Mexico and is the son of immigrants from Ireland. 

Amazon was already accepting pre-orders for the book, which was to skip the print edition and be published as an e-book. However, Amazon is currently refunding money for pre-orders stating the book ran into unexpected delays. 

Hamill’s longtime publisher, Little Brown, said the author was unable to complete the project due to his wife’s illness. Hamill said, “I feel bad because I really wanted to experiment with this e-book format, but in this case, family came first.” 

Hamill is in the NSNC Hall of Fame as the 2005 recipient of the Ernie Pyle Lifetime Achievement Award of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. He has previously written eight nonfiction books and ten novels. Another novel, “Tabloid City,” is expected to beon the Little Brown spring list.

Additional information may be found in the New York Post.

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