Rinehart Takes On New Assignments

Karen Rinehart’s newspaper column has run on CatholicExchange.com’s Humor Channel for years. In addition to the column, she has been invited to write a blog for a revamped website. “Naturally I linked the NSNC in my new tagline,” she said http://catholicexchange.com/author/karen-rinehart/  

   Starting in January, Rinehart – who lives in the Charlotte, N.C. area – will work with the staff of the Sweet Briar Voice–the (print and online) newspaper at Sweet Briar College in Virginia. (“Bonus: it’s my daughter’s school!”) She will start with a Friday-Saturday workshop.

   Rinehart, NSNC vice president, said her emotions are twofold. “I am so excited to work with these girls! There is so much to change, er, learn. Like consistent verb forms. Sentence structure. Adjectives at or above the 4th grade level. Hence, my other emotion: absolute disgust and frustration with the writing and English education American students are receiving. These are smart girls who had to produce far above average admission credentials — we’re not talking girls from the ‘hood who didn’t have access to good schools and libraries and such.

   “Anyhow, I encourage all of us to mentor a local school newspaper staff. Of course Dave Lieber is off the charts with his work with students already! And he’s catching them at a great age. But — I don’t think it’s too late to influence some high school and college kids! I have hope!”

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