Chan Featured in Asian Weekly

Wayne Chan, member of the Board of Directors and Secretary of the NSNC, recently received a great write up in Northwest Asian Weekly. Wayne is a syndicated humor columnist born in the US to conservative Chinese parents from mainland China.

Chan is an American, but I growing up in a Chinese family made him feel a part of two different worlds. Writing from this perspective has made his column popular with Asian Americans.

Chan wrote for his high school and college newspapers before he began column writing. In the article Chan is quoted as saying, “It’s very fulfilling…. To put words on a piece of paper to make people laugh – it comes easy to me, and I enjoy doing it.”

Chan thinks that Asians and Asian Americans are often portrayed through stereotypes., and he wants to help break the stereotypes.

Besides writing, Chan runs his own wine exportation business in California and is the father of three.

His book “The Problem With Being Perfect,” was published by AuthorHouse and is available on Amazon.

Read more in the Northwest Asian Weekly.

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