Charleyworld Returns

Funny guy, Charles Memminger writes us with some news:

Aloha family, friends and “others”,

I’m happy to announce that my humor column, Charleyworld, has found a home at Hawaii’s fastest growing Internet news site: the Hawaii Reporter. 

Charleyworld will be posted weekly, filling in the huge satire, sarcasm, irony, facetiousness, politically-incorrect musings and gecko commentary gap left when the two daily newspapers merged. (Speaking of irony, after Charleyworld was left homeless with the debut of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, the column placed third in the 2010 National Society of Newspaper Columnists competition for newspapers OVER 100,000 circulation.) 

Since Honolulu became a “one newspaper town,” the Hawaii Reporter has emerged as a “must read” source of news and commentary, offering island residents an important journalistic voice. Hawaii Reporter has recently deepened its talent pool with the addition of respected journalists Jim Dooley and Greg Wiles and TV investigative reporter Matt Levy. 

In this week’s “Charleyworld”, I point out that – thanks to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia and the notorious WikiLeaks, the Hawaiian word “Wiki” is now officially the most famous Hawaiian word in the world, more famous than even “Aloha,” “Mahalo” and “Kaaawa.” You can read that column here:

Be sure to bookmark the Hawaii Reporter site on your computer or iPhone, iPad or iCocktailNapkin  so you can keep up with daily issues affecting your life.

Send comments, column ideas or requests to buy my book, “Hey, Waiter, There’s An Umbrella In My Drink!” to

Mahalo and remember to GET LIFE ON! (

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