Seniors Are Going Digital

A growing number of seniors are discovering social networking online. In fact, people 74 and older represent the fastest growing segment on these sites.

Older people are large consumers of media already. They are more likely than younger folks to read a daily newspaper or watch television newscasts. As comfort level with the computer increases, it is not surprising that they would view their news online and begin to use the social media sites.

AARP’s Facebook page has more than 20,000 followers. “As we age, we tend to become more isolated, and I think social networking helps alleviate that,” says Nataki Clarke, the vice president for digital marketing at AARP

The AARP website hosts more than 900 discussion groups on all topics, such as news, politics, music, investments, and relationships. Social networking sites give emotional support and practical advice about how to cope with problems of interest to an aging population.

In the past, advertisers have largely focused on the younger generation, but older people have a large disposable income and are becoming more and more web savvy, using various electronic devices to consume and create media.

As online newspaper consumption increases among older people, print media can no longer depend on a stable base of older people who will continue to stick with them.

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