Zezima Loses by a Hair

NSNC member and humor columnist Jerry Zezima reports that he recently finished second in the Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year Contest.

“But the mustache contest was special because I not only was up against some stiff-upper-lipped competition, but because I lost by — you guessed it — a whisker,”  quipped Zezima.

The competition was named in honor of the late actor Robert Goulet, whose voice, trademark mustache, and sense of humor made him legendary. The sponsoring organization is the world’s largest charity event raising funds for prostrate cancer affecting men.

The Goulet Award is not a “best mustache” contest but instead recognizes the person who best-represents or contributes to the Mustached American Community during the prior year.

According to the sponsor’s  website, there were more than 300 entrants this year. Brian Sheets, a firefighter from Osceola County, Florida., who got about 120,000 votes was the winning contestant for 2010. He was honored at a “Stache Bash,” which, Zezima tells us, was held under the world’s largest mustache, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Sheets founded Firemen with Mustaches, which builds awareness about firefighter fatalities and seeks to raise funds for the families of fallen colleagues.

Jerry Zezima writes a humor column for The Stamford Advocate in Connecticut and is syndicated by McClatchy-Tribune. He has won three awards from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists for his humor. Zezima has written for magazines such as Reader’s Digest and Family Circle and is a regular contributor to Huffington Post.

Read Jerry’s funny  report on his contest experience at his blog:

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