Liz Pulliam Weston at Detroit Conference

Liz Pulliam Weston, author of several personal finance books, syndicated columnist and the most-read personal finance writer on the Web, will lead a panel on “Building Your Personal Brand” at the NSNC Annual Conference in Detroit.

Liz has just published a new book and will include a stop at our conference as part of a publicity tour. Liz was a columnist in the 1980s at the LA Times. After her column was axed and she was given other duties, she bailed and syndicated on her own.

She went on to graduate from the certified financial planner program, wrote the leading (and only) book on understanding credit scores, and established herself as a web presence at and on other channels, as well as making frequent radio and TV appearances.

Liz will give conference attendees tips on what it takes to become a go-to expert across multiple channels.

The Conference Chair is currently seeking additional members for the panel. They can be syndicated, online, or columnists who have gone into other mediums, such as radio or books. If you have contacts or suggestions, contact Brian via the feelback form.

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