Memoirs from Milton’s Fuller Village (Mass.)

‘We Remember When’: Memoirs from Milton’s Fuller Village

As published in The Patriot Ledger – Feb 8, 2011

Standing, from left: Dr. Hy Rossen, Sharon and Bob LaBree, Ellen and Dr. Tom White, Bottom row: Gwen Senger, Anna Gerut, Anne Gebhardt

MILTON – Residents of the Fuller Village senior residence have ccmpiled a collection of personal memories that go back as far back as World War I and the Depression.

It includes stories about their coming of age, including World War II as seen through the eyes of the servicemen and women, those who experienced it from afar, and concentration camp survivors. There are memories of historic figures, ground-breaking inventions and glimpses into the medical past.

The idea for the book came from one of the contributors, Betsy Buchbinder. She formed a committee and got to work.

She enlisted Katie Conboy, an English professor at Stonehill College, to play a key role in setting up the project.

Suzette Martinez Standring, a local writer and writing teacher, gave a series of workshops on the memoir. Although few of the contributors had ever been published, she said the quality of their stories was remarkable.

"We Remember When," compiled by contributors from the Fuller Village senior residence in Milton.

“At first many people were shy, but they became convinced of the value of leaving a written legacy of personal stories and all of the submissions have historical value as well,” Standring said.

Dr. Hy Rossen, Dr. Tom White, Anna Gerut, Anne Gebhardt, Jerry Joyce, Saul Buchbinder, Elaine Pinderhughes and Marjorie Seery, whose stories are excerpted here, are among the 86 contributors to the book.

Fuller Village at Brush Hill, 1372 Brush Hill Road, will hold al book launch and signing at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 14, in the function room. Get directions

ALFRED J. HALL: A Navy Pilot’s WW II Experience

TOM O’CONNOR: ‘It’s Only for One Year’

ELAINE PINDERHUGHES: My Parents’ Courage During the Great Depression

HY ROSSEN: Meeting General Eisenhower

ANNE N. GEBHARDT: China ­ 20 years Outside Looking In

TOM WHITE: A Doctor’s Education

SAUL BUCHBINDER: Candled Eggs and Herring

ANNA GERUT: It Was a Time When the Living Envied the Dead

VIDEO: Interview with Elaine Pinderhughes

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Story suggested by Suzette Martinez Standring

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