Election of Officers for NSNC Board

This isn’t a presidential election year but other important offices will be on the ballot for the NSNC general membership meeting, held in conjunction with the annual conference in Detroit. That meeting is scheduled for Sunday, June 26, 2011.

Members will vote for five officers, who serve two-year terms and are members of the Board of Directors. These offices to be filled and the incumbents are as follows:

Secretary – Wayne Chan, self-syndicated, Poway, CA
Treasurer – Laura Snyder, self-syndicated, Whispering Pines, NC
Archivist – Dave Astor, The Montclair Times, Montclair, NJ
Contest Chair – Mike Deupree, Cedar Rapids Gazette (ret), Solon, IA
Membership Chair – Cynthia Borris, Freelance, San Lorenzo, CA

A nominating committee will be appointed by President Ben Pollock, and at least 60 days before the conference the committee will submit a list of candidates to the board. The slate of nominees will be presented at the conference beginning June 24.

Any member in good standing who is interested in being nominated for any of the five offices should notify President Ben Pollock (using the contact form).

Pollock also would like to hear from any members desiring to serve on the nominating committee. Such persons should have a thorough knowledge of the organization and familiarity with its members.

Description of the offices may be found in Article 8 of the NSNC Bylaws, which are on the website.

The Secretary shall be responsible for providing notices of meetings and maintaining minutes of meetings, and in general shall perform the duties incident to the office of Secretary. The Secretary shall act as parliamentarian.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for supervising the custody, receipt and disbursement of all the funds of the Society, and in general perform the duties usually pertaining to the office of Treasurer.

The Archivist shall oversee the Society’s archives.

The Contest Chair shall be responsible for conducting the general column writing contest held annually by the Society.

The Membership Chair shall be responsible for recruitment efforts and maintaining the membership of the society.

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  1 comment for “Election of Officers for NSNC Board

  1. March 20, 2011 at 1:57 am

    So then, the nominating committee will be named within about a week, by about Friday the 25th (90 days before the conference). The committee will communicate largely by e-mail. We also can if needed set a mutually agreeable time and meet as a group in an online chatroom.

    The work of the nominating committee will be complete, selecting a slate of candidates, by Friday, April 22.

    The 2011-13 period will be an exciting time to serve on the NSNC board — or to be on the nominating committee to take the next month and consider those who would serve that term

    Thanks, all!


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