Hiaasen’s Humor from Anger

Fans of Miami Herald writer, Carl Hiaasen, 2010 NSNC Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, will be happy to know he has authored a new book called Star Island. His sharp, dry, humor is known to readers of satire worldwide.

In a recent book review and interview for the UK Guardian, Hiaasen says that writing satire these days almost makes him feel guilty as there is so much material to write about. He claims his best humor is inspired by anger — but not soapbox rants.

His latest effort pokes fun at celebrities, in particular those who have no skills, wit, or talent, yet are still somehow elevated to celebrity status. He hates the so-called celebrity news and shallow, self-serving, vanity that paparazzi sometimes chase after, or worse, that legitimate press photographers are forced to cover.

It always amazes him that regardless of how outrageous his satire is, it often seems to come true. He said no one could invent a fictional character as outrageous and unintentionally comical as Sarah Palin.

Read the entire book review at guardian.co.uk

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