Detroit Auto Critic Back at the Wheel!

That sound of tires screeching that you hear is Scott Burgess, Detorit News auto critic, laying rubber as he returns to his old job. Burgess quit March 14 when the editors asked him to “soften” a column that was highly critical of the hot-shot Chrysler 200.

Apparently, garaging the column not what the Detroit News had in mind. “They apologized and I accepted,” said Burgess, taking a victory lap.

News Editor and Publisher Jon Wolman explained that the paper made a mistake when they asked Burgess to change a column after an advertiser complained about it. This created the appearance of commercial influence, a serious violation of long-standing journalism ethics.

The newspaper has promised to set policy about making changes in online reports, a tune-up that is long overdue. Auto fans everywhere will be happy to hear that the blowout has been patched up and Scott Burgess will be back in the fast lane at the Detroit News next Thursday.

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