Tammeus on Detroit Radio Show

Bill Tammeus

Word is out that Bill Tammeus did a great job in a 10-minute informal interview on Mitch Albom’s radio show on WJR in Detroit, where he appeared to talk about his role in the origin of National Columnists Day.

Albom hosts a primarily sports talk call-in show and the transition from jock talk — and traffic reports — to National Columnists Day was remarkable.

Bill was cool and witty, naturally. He gave the history of the holiday, credited Dave Lieber, and explained for the radio audience who Ernie Pyle was.

The talk moved to how to celebrate the holiday, and the radio audience (jokingly) learned that the traditional National Columnitsts’ Day gifts is office supplies.

Mitch Albom took great interest in the Detroit conference, and Bill plugged it at just the right moment. For details about the show from Detroit, see the WJR website.

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