Bill Nash announces release of novel

 NSNC member and award-winning writer, Bill Nash, has just announced the release of his first novel, Fog Delay. The thriller is set at San Francisco International Airport where a disgruntled explosives expert has vowed revenge against the airport.

“The book’s villain, James Donato, makes his living imploding buildings for demolition companies. The problem is, when something upsets him, he takes his work home,” said Nash. “After placing a bomb in a local bank, his clean getaway is complicated by a fog delay at the airport. Keeping to his own peculiar code of justice, he sets out to punish the airport the only way he knows – explosively!”

In Fog Delay, the head of security at SFO, Victoria Kilpatrick, and a veteran firefighter, Mark Saxon, face the most dangerous challenge of their careers as they try to stop Donato. The FBI, ATF and others think they know how to catch Donato, but Kilpatrick and Saxon have a different theory. They risk their lives and careers to apprehend Donato before he can destroy the airport.

Bill Nash is a newspaper columnist, freelance writer and photographer based in Ventura County. He has written a weekly column for the Ventura County Star for the last 14 years. Bill was the NSNC Conference Chair for the 2009 Conference in California. He writes occasional feature stories and has published more than 50 travel destination stories. He has written on locations including California, Florida, New York, Hawaii, Tennessee, Arizona, Oregon and international destinations in Mexico, Canada, Chile, Italy, Korea and Australia.

Fog Delay was the perfect opportunity for me to bring all of my experience with airports together in one book,” he said. “I actually got the idea for Fog Delay while waiting in a terminal at SFO. And yes, my flight was delayed by fog.”

Also a non-fiction author, Nash wrote, Oil, Orchards and Flames, a history of the fire department in Santa Paula. He has a background in journalism, public relations and advertising.

Fog Delay is available from the publisher, Xlibris ( or online from Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Nash is currently arranging book signings around the county.

For more information, contact:
Bill Nash
(805) 525-3565

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