Erika D. Smith, Star Columnist

Erika D. Smith recently became The Indianapolis Star’s new metro columnist.
She has been a been a tech columnist, business reporter, metro reporter and wannabe videographer at The Star since 2005.

Although she was not born in Indiana, she considers it her home. “I so strongly want Indianapolis to become the best city that it can be,” she says. In her first column, she explained how she plans to approach her new job.

Her strategy is to the tell the story of the city through the stories of people who live there. She wants to cause people to reflect on how they deal with social problems and with each other. She admits that Indianapolis is not perfect — no place is.

Her columns cover a wide range of topics. But whether she is writing about school violence,  gay marriage, growing diversity, or gun control, she expresses strong opinions with a convincing and sensible voice.

“… no matter how diverse we’ve become in numbers, we’re still a very segregated city that can be, at times, close-minded and judgmental.” she believes.

Always happy to see a columnist succeeding in their chosen profession, NSNC hopes that she can help resolve some of the problems of her adopted city and that Indianapolis can become an even better place to live through the strength of her words.

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