New Book from Michigan Member

Eileen Button’s book, The Waiting Place: Learning to Appreciate Life’s Little Delays, has been released by Thomas Nelson. In this collection of essays, Button writes about the beauty and humor of waiting for things like a place called home … a baby’s healing … a husband’s return … a mother’s acceptance … and a loved one’s passing. She calls readers to celebrate the tension between what they hope for tomorrow and what they live with today.
Button is an award-winning weekly columnist for The Flint Journal in Michigan. Her essays have been featured in Newsweek, Christianity Today, and other publications. Of her book, columnist and author Philip Gulley writes, “Eileen Button’s The Waiting Place is the shaft of sunlight on the cloudy day, a glimpse of possibility amidst difficulty. She is the wise woman of the village to whom we all repair when perspective and patience are needed.”
You can purchase Button’s book on Amazon. (NSNC is an Amazon affiliate.)

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