Brasch writes book on nuclear issues

Government Can Seize Your Land to Build Nuke Plant

An AP investigative series shows that up to 3/4 of all Nukes pose potential health problems. The problem is even more acute with Nukes that are near the end of their 40-year projected life cycle.

There was a recent meltdown of a plant in Japan, the result of an earthquake. A plant in Nebraska has problems because of significant flooding. Yet, there are still calls to go to “clean” nuclear energy to save America from its oil dependence.

In Before the First Snow, award-winning journalist Walter Brasch looks at the issues of nuclear power and public health, as seen from the perspective of an activist who is trying to build a school for peace and her fight against the government that may be using eminent domain laws to strip her of her land. He traces the story of Apryl Greene from 1964 to Jan. 15, 1991, the eve of the Persian Gulf War. He finds that the issues a generation ago are the same issues America faces today, as he looks at the environment, nuclear energy, the anti-war movement, civil rights, the collusion between corporations and government, and the lack of courage by much of the mass media.

Before the First Snow, a literary novel, has received significant pre-publication praise., including that of Michael Blake, Oscar®-winner for the script of Dances With Wolves; Dan Rather; Regina Huelman, editor of Liberal Opinion Week; Rob Kall, editor of OpEdNews; Joe Shea, editor of the American Reporter; Norm Phelps, activist author of The Longest Struggle; Thomas Berner, Penn State professor emeritus of journalism and author of The Literature of Journalism; and Heidi Prescott, senior vice-president of the Humane Society of the United States. For details, please go to www.greeleyandstone .com

The book is available at www.greeleyandstone .com (20% discount if using PayPal),, or other bookstores.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy a copy of BEFORE THE FIRST SNOW through PayPal at www.greeleyandstone .com, and receive a FREE copy of ‘Unacceptable’ : The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina. (And we pay shipping!) This is the book that explains WHY there was an inefficient response, and is based upon investigative reporting by Walter and Rosemary Brasch two years earlier that revealed the U.S. was not prepared to handle a natural disaster emergency. To receive your copy, just email that you placed your order for BEFORE THE FIRST SNOW; make sure you leave your address.

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  1. July 1, 2011 at 11:20 am

    I wish Mr. Brasch luck with his novel. Good fiction is hard to do and hard to get into the marketplace. It sounds like there was a lot of research done. I have purchased a copy.

    James Aach

    FYI: I would like to point out there is a novel out there written by a longtime nuclear industry engineer (me) that looks at the people, politics and technology of nuclear power from the inside. In “Rad Decision” there is a lot of stuff that goes well beyond what the media gets from press conferences and tours. The fact that the reactor profiled, and the event that eventually engulfs it, are very similar to Fukushima, is an added bonus. The book is an excellent source of perspective for the lay person on the good and bad on nuclear power (plenty of both). Reader reviews at the home page have been very positive. The novel is free online at the moment – just google “Rad Decision”. (Note: I have no sponsors, there are no adverts, nobody makes money off this site.)

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