Bykofsky raises $$$ for children’s charity


Stu Bykofsky

Stu Bykofsky, longtime columnist at the Philalphia Daily News, and recipient of the NSNC Will Rogers Humanitarian Award in 2003, is still at it. Past NSNC President, Bill Tammeus, commented, “Well, just so you know, he hasn’t quit doing the good things that won him that honor.”

The event was the “21st Annual “Candidate’s Comedy Night” held annually as an oppportunity for politicians to skewer each other in fun and to raise money for the children’s charity, the Variety Club. The News reported that Bykofsky said the event has raised more than $425,000 over the years.

Best joke of the evening was reported to be this one:

“You know you’re in Philadelphia when a big newspaper columnist like Stu Bykofsky raises money for a children’s charity even though he’s the poster child for erectile dysfunction.” – City Councilman Wilson Goode Jr.

Worst joke? Well, it isn’t worth repeating so we won’t.

Readers of the Philadelphia Daily News know Stu Bykofsky as a curmudgeon with a heart. Other community activities he has promoted include efforts in behalf of animals, a youth center, an adoption center, and multiple sclerosis.

Byknofsky is a former member of the NSNC Board of Directors., and was host of the 2007 NSNC Conference in Philadelphia. In 2010 he surprised everyone when he received first place in the Humor Category of the annual writing contest.

Read more about the recent event and the lousy jokes, if you must, at

– Sheila Moss
   NSNC WedEditor


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  1. August 21, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    Stu has a bigger curmudgeon than anyone I’ve met. Heart, too.

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