Mystery of the Missing Donut

Overheard on the NSNC Discussions list was this humorous donut discussion:

“I deny that I’ve ever been in a doughnut shop. I deny that I’ve ever seen a doughnut. I deny that I ate it. I deny that it was delicious,” ventured Bruce Cameron.

Bob Haught confessed, “I admit that I’ve been in a doughnut shop, Britt’s in Carolina Beach, N.C. I admit that I’ve seen a doughnut that won this shop recognition as  America’s No. 2 doughnut shop. I admit that I ate one of these doughnuts while it was fresh and warm. I admit that it was super delicious with the sugar glaze. But I’d still like to find No. 1, so I’ll keep doing research for a column. Being a columnist is a demanding job.”

“Unlike Bruce, I doughnut deny anything said about me and doughnuts. If the allegations aren’t true, they just as well could be, ” replied Bill Tammeus.

“As the powdered sugar mustache blankets his upper lip, the truth be told. It was Bruce who ate the doughnut…” Cynthia Borris concluded.


And so ends the case of the missing donut.

See the sort of intellectual discussions you are missing if you don’t belong to the NSNC discussion group? Rush right over and join and you too may find donut happiness… but only if you get there before these guys polish off the entire box.

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