Hamill, Crouch and Avlon: Deadline Artists

Deadline Artists, edited by Avlon, Angelo and LouisNew York City’s NY1 cable channel on Tuesday, Sept. 27, broadcast a roundtable on NSNC member John Avlon’s new anthology Deadline Artists. It was moderated by Avlon’s co-editor Errol Louis, who works for NY1 as host of Inside City Hall.

At the table were Louis, Avlon, Stanley Crouch and Pete Hamill. Hamill is the 2005 recipient of the NSNC’s Ernie Pyle Lifetime Achievement Award. Crouch is a columnist for New York’s Daily News, but perhaps known best for his music criticism, especially jazz. Both have columns in the new collection.

The topic of the program is what it takes to be a deadline artist.

After the brief commercial, the video of the four-way conversation lasts 9:18.

Or see it here:

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