NSNC Honored at Indiana University

Ernie Pyle’s Distinguished Alumni Award was awarded last weekend by the Indiana University School of Journalism, which was celebrating its centennial. The university created a Hall of Fame with 15 inductees, 10 posthumous and five living.

Since Ernie has no living relatives, they asked Mike Leonard to accept on behalf of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, in recognition of all NSNC has done to keep the famous Second World War columnist’s legacy alive.

Mike Leonard, Bloomington Herald-Times, is a past President of NSNC. The NSNC is honored to have one of our own accept the award on behalf of Ernie Pyle, the columnist for whom our most prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award is named.

Ernie Pyle is also the namesake of the building that houses the School of Journalism. The  School of Journalism Dean, Brad Hamm, presenting the award to Leonard.  Photo courtesy Indiana University.

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