Luellen Smiley Making The Radio Rounds

NSNC member Luellen Smiley was guest of Philadelphia-based radio host and television personality Mike Smerconish on The Morning Mouth earlier this month.

Smiley, is the daughter of reputed mobster, Allen Smiley. Smiley’s dad was a close friend and confidant of famous Las Vegas mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and he was sitting on the couch just feet away from Siegel the night he was murdered.

While Luellen Smiley hadn’t been born at the time of the shooting, she’s conducted research on her father’s life and the events leading up to the shooting and wants to dispel the common belief that her father might have been involved in the shooting.

Luellen Smiley has contributed artifacts to the Las Vegas Mob Experience.  She’s out promoting the fact that the gangsters of old were not trigger-happy murderers and that J. Edgar Hoover was someone who was out to get them in a big way. She also believes that J. Edgar Hoover was behind the killing of Bugsy Siegel, whose murder was never solved.

Michael A. Smerconish  is the Philadelphia radio market’s premier talk show host. He also writes separate, weekly columns for both the Philadelphia Daily News and Philadelphia Inquirer and has been a fill-in host for Bill O’Rilley and Glenn Beck.

Listen to the video on KPNR.

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