Philadelphia member interviewed

Philadelphia member James Smart was interviewed by Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Dan Rubin for a 1,000-word column about his career and his book, Adonijah Hill’s Journal. “It’s a young columnist (55) interviewing a less young columnist (81),” said Smart.

The author also discussed his book as a speaker at a dinner meeting of the Phi Beta Kappa Society of the Delaware Valley in Philadelphia on October 18. “They didn’t make me an honorary member,” he said. “They’re too smart for that.”

Smart has been a journalist, writer and editor in Philadelphia for more than sixty years. Much of his work is related to Philadelphia history and lore. Smart read newspapers, magazines and books published in the time of the Centenial, and researced its people, events and everyday activities for the book.

He reconstructed Philadelphia life of the period as seen by a journalist. The result is Adonijah Hill’s Journal. Hill is a fictional character, but the book is true to history and most of the characters are actual people who lived during the era. .

The book can be purchased at and a few autographed copies are available from the author.

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