Bad Dad, lastest book by Dave Lieber

Columnist-author-speaker Dave Lieber has authored a deeply personal narrative that explores parental responsibility, child-rearing practices and discipline, journalistic ethics, small-town corruption and retribution, and the moral consequences of being a public figure.

Lieber, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Watchdog columnist, said the book is “a risky project.” “Some warned me not to do this,” he said. “But you know me. A great story is a great story — even if it is about the worst 10 minutes of a lifetime. And this could happen to anybody.”

On August 13, 2008 Lieber and his son, Austin, then 11, were eating breakfast in the small community of Watauga, Texas. They got into an argument, and to teach his son a lesson he ordered him to walk home and drove off without him. Bystanders called 911 and Lieber — a burr under the saddle of the police chief for his reporting — was arrested and charged on two felony counts.

The developments that followed make for compelling reading.

The Bad Dad is for sale now at, where Chapter One is available for reading.

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