2012 – Year of the Hardworking Writer

January is the month to assess your career goals and to renew your National Society of Newspaper (NSNC) membership. Just click on the “JOIN or RENEW” Tab on the website and put this professional organization on your resume.

Your membership also entitles you to bragging rights on your blog, social networking sites, and  discounts for annual Conferences and column writing contests. Additionally, the camaraderie of discussing hot topics with other NSNC members in the NSNCdiscussions@yahoo.com news group is Master Card “priceless.”

We are entering an exciting year for writers of all genres. Humorists are capitalizing on the 2012 Presidential election, writing satires and parodies about all the candidates and our incumbent; while others are covering the tough issues like Constitutional rights, employment, immigration, and the American economy. Being a NSNC member adds credibility to your hard work.

Membership is open to all writers. It wasn’t too long ago that only newspaper columnists were permitted to join. I am pleased to inform you this is no longer the case. NSNC membership is now open to all writers, including authors, bloggers, magazine columnists, and folks who self-publish their work.

Please join or renew your membership today. You can follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/NSNCgroup, and “like” us on Facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/columnists.

Those of you who have already been following our social networking sites have probably noticed that members are actively retweeting and sharing NSNC posts, as well as each other’s accomplishments to thousands of readers and fans.

Welcome to the NSNC

Rose A. Valenta
Membership Chair


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