Letters From Bill by Gloria O’Donnell

“Letters From Bill: 20 Years of Correspondence With Bill Clinton”, revised edition, is now available in Kindle format, says author, Gloria O’Donnell. The new edition includes recent comments from Bill Clinton.

Gloria O’Donnell’s friendship with former President Bill Clinton began in Arkansas prior to his first election run,  Gloria assisted in Clinton’s campaigns through two presidential elections. These two friends from Arkansas continued to maintain a regular correspondence.  It is a very interesting record of how regular citizens interact with powerful politicians.

O’Donnell said “It was hard for me to express my personal feelings because I am, by nature, a private person. But in order to present this from my perspective, I decided to share my feelings and emotions as I experienced them.”

Although “Letters From Bill” is her first book, Gloria’s articles have appeared in several newspapers and magazines and she currently writes a monthly column for her hometown paper.

“Letters from Bill” (Sunbury Press, 2010) is available at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format.

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