Calif. Member Announces Mystery Thriller

Virginia R. Degner, NSNC member from Castro Valley, California, has announced the release of a stunning new mystery novel called “Without Consent.” (Stragetic Book Pub.) Ms. Degner is a retired social worker and former newspaper reporter. She has a master’s degree in psychology and is currently working on her next book.

The main character of her book is  Ariel Frazer Houston who flees California to live in Scotland after the murder of both her mother in husband within a week. Ariel meets up with an old friend who never told her of his feelings, and the two go off on a romantic holiday to see historic Scotland. When the murderer kidnaps Ariel after her return to California, she finds that she is the actual target of the killer and has been the victim of an illegal procedure performed “Without Consent.”

The novel is a thriller, but it’s also a satisfying love story about renewal and hope. See the video trailer below. The book is available at the NSNC affiliate, Amazon.

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