Candidates for Board of Directors

NSNC today announced the slate of candidates recommended by the nominating committee for 2012-2014 offices.

President Ben Pollock made the announcedment in an email to the Board. The candidate for WebEditor later changed when Tracy Beckerman decided not to run for office.

Larry Cohen, President, several clients, with business humor at, search for “Artful Strategist”

Eric Heyl, Vice President, general interest humor columns:

Bob Haught, Newsletter Editor (returning), online news magazine at

Ben Pollock, WebEditor, (title change to Director of Social Media and Marketing), blog at (Nominated to replace Tracy Beckerman)

Joel Brinkley, Education Chair, foreign affairs columns at

According to our by-laws, elected officers will serve a two-year term. The Board will present the list of nominees at the opening of the conference. Nominations also will be taken during the conference. At the annual conference, any five members present at the meeting may, by petition, place names into nomination 24 hours prior to the general membership meeting.

In addition, up to five (5) active members of the Society may be appointed by the Board as at-large members upon recommendation of the President or other Board members, following the election of officers.

For additional information on the rules governing elections and offices, check out the By-laws.



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