New Book on Writing from Don Fry

Don Fry spoke to our National Society of Newspaper Columnists last  June. You may remember his striking common sense and optimism about  writing. He has just published a book entitled “Writing Your Way,  Creating Your own Writing Process that Works for You” (Cincinnati: Writer’s Digest, 2012). The book is available from local bookstores  and from Amazon in print and Kindle versions.

Don says that writers write the way they were taught, which may not  suit them by Don Fryat all, making their writing slow, painful, and not what  they want to say. “Writing Your Way” shows you how to create your own  unique writing process that magnifies your strengths and avoids your  weaknesses. It shows you a multitude of ways to do the five key  stages: Idea, Gather, Organize, Draft, and Revise. You can then design  your own collection of techniques that work for you. You’ll write  clearer, faster, and more powerfully, with less effort and suffering.

The second half of this book shows you how to create and modify your  own voice, one that sounds like the real you, that sounds the way you  want readers to experience you. Many of the examples in the book come  from opinion writing.  Don Fry has helped over 10,000 writers worldwide to write better and  faster,  with less agony.

Don first taught Beowulf and Chaucer at the University of Virginia and at Stony Brook University. Later, he headed  the writing faculty at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg,  Florida. As an independent writing coach, Don improves the writing and  editing at newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, and  non-profit organizations.

He has coached over a thousand authors,  helping them create writing processes that work for them. Don has  published hundreds of articles and 17 books. His writing blog appears  at, and he posts a daily writing tip on  Twitter at @donaldkfry.

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