Wolfgang’s books

Niesielski publishes a humor column collection and a humor-fantasy novel, e-book and paper

NSNC member Wolfgang Niesielski writes that he has two books published and available for sale at Amazon.com.

The first one is a collection of some of his humor columns over the years, and it’s titled The Alien in my E-Mail and Other Stories. The other book is a madcap humor-fantasy novel, titled Bruno Fenster Saves the World — And Still Has Time for Breakfast.

Each is available at Amazon in paper as well as electronic form.

The Alien in My E-Mail and Other Stories — Author’s Description

Wolfgang Niesielski, The Alien in My E-Mail and Other StoriesMost of us have encountered frustrating incidents in our lifetimes. For humor columnist Wolfgang Niesielski, one of his most exasperating moments involves an expensive hotel room, a faulty thermostat, and a patronizing front desk clerk—only to be rescued by two gentlemen who, after conferring with each other in hushed tones, change their pleasant demeanor into the serious miens of surgeons before a heart transplant operation.

In this compilation of his humor columns, Niesielski provides an amusing take on everyday experiences. See what it’s like to have an evil cyber presence monopolize your e-mail account, understand the overwhelming differences between first class and tourist class on an airplane, and find out why it’s important to choose the right gift for a loved one—even if it is a Salad Shooter or an electric nail-file buffing system. From learning how unforgiving Mother Nature truly is when he forgets how to water the lawn to the moment when he discovers he is a procrastinator in the worst way, Niesielski illustrates what fun life can be when one learns to laugh at himself.

The Alien in My E-Mail and Other Stories takes others on a delightful ride through one man’s wacky life—Salad Shooter and all.

Bruno Fenster Saves the World — And Still Has Time for Breakfast — Author’s Description

Wolfgang Niesielski, Bruno Fenster Saves the World – and Still Has Time for BreakfastBruno Fenster’s best friends are invisible chickens. When Bruno awakens nightly to feed the hungry critters and imagines decorating their little heads with colorful hats, his wife, Greta, pulls her pillow over her head, hoping to drown out her fears that Bruno will never amount to anything. As Bruno contemplates how he can fabricate chicken hats from his neighbor’s newspaper, Greta ponders how much longer she can stand being the sole provider. Bruno thinks one job per family is plenty. But when a prospective job just happens to land in his lap one day, Bruno cannot resist, for he knows his wife will be so proud. Unfortunately, it is not the kind of job that comes with a salary, regular hours, or health insurance benefits. Making a snap decision based on nothing more than cockeyed optimism, Bruno has just transformed his life into a giant mess.

In this whimsically humorous fantasy tale, Bruno Fenster Saves the World — And Still Has Time for Breakfast, a man with a vivid imagination is about to unwittingly embark on a wild adventure with a prince, several elephants, and a woman who hears voices-and Bruno may just save the world in the process.


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