Byko’s Book: ‘Cats Are Supermodels’

“Love cats? Know someone who does? You’re going to love this,” says Stu Bykofsky.

So it’s a serious, calm, reasoned book, out in time for the holidays, that pays respectful tribute to humankind’s other best friends Felis catus?

You know Stu. He’s the longtime member of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists who hosted its 2007 conference in his home town, Philadelphia, and threw Bill O’Reilly to we literary lions — and we toyed with Bill like kitties with a mouse. (The Philadelphia Daily News scribe also wrangled for us Dave Barry, Robin Givhan, Jennifer Weiner, Lisa Scottoline, Ed Rendell and a Ben Franklin impersonator.)

These days, Stu is poring through his Rolodex, beginning the process of hawking his new book, Cats Are Supermodels: What Single Women Should Know About Their Feline Friends. He wrote NSNC members, as well as column subjects and others he’s bumped or bumped into: “Perhaps I did a column supporting you or your cause. Perhaps I criticized your cause. Perhaps you were an expert or a source. Perhaps we were married or involved in some other unpleasantness.”

Stu Bykofsky

Stu Bykofsky

Cats Are Supermodels, illustrated by Brad Guigar, “is fact and fiction and humor about America’s favorite pet and how they mirror supermodels. It’s like the cat version of Marley & Me, Stu says. “The book is intended for everyone who loves cats, everyone who lives with cats and everyone who knows somebody who loves cats. Even dog lovers, like me, will like it because canines play a contrasting role in the book.”

You can read a sample at

Cats Are Supermodels can be ordered at the website for $10.95 and another $2 for shipping. That’s a good deal.

Byko has a message for all the NSNC conferees over the years: He’d like to “remind every freaking member whose book I bought that now it’s time to pony up.”

Can you believe it? He really said “freaking.”

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