Another Year, Another Deadline (‘Deadline Artists,’ That Is) celebrates Black Friday, the nation’s biggest retailing day, by announcing the publication this week of Deadline Artists — Scandals, Tragedies and Triumphs: More of America’s Greatest Newspaper Columns.

In September 2011, the first collection, Deadline Artists: America’s Greatest Newspaper Columns, also compiled by Jesse Angelo, Errol Louis and NSNC member John P. Avlon, came out from Overlook Press.

To find the best columns to include in either volume, Avlon has sought input from members of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. The NSNC even ran a best-ever column contest based on the trio’s research, with the winners announced in summer 2011.

John Avlon

John Avlon

The new volume has received a great out-of-the-gate review from Publisher’s Weekly. Following its publication, the Deadline Artists website has been updated with additional classic columns plus a wider video section, which has links to Jimmy Breslin, Murray Kempton and Mike Royko interviews.

Avlon told that “the book also has a much deserved shout out to NSNC,” adding, “I actually might like this one better than the first.”

If the book is ordered by the NSNC’s Amazon link, a portion of its sale goes to the society.

(As an aside, Ben Pollock would like to note that Overlook Press is the house that’s kept the novels of Arkansas’ Charles Portis, including True Grit, in print.)


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