Pitch Your Book Like a Major Leaguer

‘The Outstanding Pitch’ with Mike Morin

Mike Morin

Mike Morin

No one wants your new book to succeed more than you do. That’s why you need an insider’s expertise on how to make your pitch irresistible to radio, TV and print outlets. It’s free advertising, baby!

Mike Morin is not only a columnist and author, but he has spent 42 years in radio and knows exactly what he and fellow media personalities and show producers are looking for in a book pitch from authors.

At the 2013 conference of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists June 27-30, you’ll learn about exploiting the local angles with media outlets, radio tours, book trailers, how to be a good interview guest, and a few take-away tips on public speaking. You gotta go!

Check out the full conference schedule at www.columnists.com.

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After four decades as a radio personality in New York City, Boston and now New Hampshire, Mike has written his professional memoir in a new book called Fifty Shades of Radio — True Stories of a Morning Radio Guy Being Wired, Tired and Fired. The book includes 100 favorite humor columns from the Nashua (N.H.) Telegraph. Mike writes for several regional magazines and has been published in The Boston Globe and the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. He can be heard weekday mornings on Manchester, N.H. station WZID-FM. In May, Mike was named NSNC’s 2013 recipient of the Will Rogers Humanitarian Award.

"The Woman Who Started the Civil War" Teresa Cotsirilos on historian David Reynolds, Salon.com 13 June 2011

Hartford’s Harriet Beecher Stowe. Illustration of “The Woman Who Started the Civil War” Teresa Cotsirilos on historian David Reynolds, Salon.com 13 June 2011

You gotta go! The Hartford conference will offer useful tools for both the craft of writing and authorship promotion. Here are just three of the many programs you can’t afford to miss.

  • Mike Morin will conduct 5-minute mock interviews with NSNC authors during his interactive session, “The Outstanding Pitch.” Conferees are answering a brief questionnaire to get ready for their moment at the microphone-camera. The survey itself teaches what broadcast interviewers need from authors.
  • At the heart of every great column is a memorable story.  But how is it done, really? “Your Column Blows Me Away: Secrets of Successful Storytelling” will detail the components, format and structure for outstanding column writing from award-winning columnist and author Dave Lieber.
  • Would readers recognize your work even without a byline? Then strengthen your column’s “voice.” National Headliner and regional Emmy award winner Rick Horowitz will offer tools and exciting new ways to apply distinctive elements of your personality to your writing voice in the session, “Your Voice, Your Choices.”

Click at this link for an overall preview of NSNC’s 37th annual conference. It’s June 27-30 — not that far off!

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