In the October 2013 Newsletter

Members of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, check your email apps (emailboxes?). The October 2013 edition of The Columnist, our monthly newsletter, will be waiting for you. *

  • “Stay Dogged for the Underdog” — Suzette Martinez Standring’s “Art of the Column” bimonthly piece
  • “Rubles Won’t Be a Problem for Columnists” — Message from President Eric Heyl
  • “October’s Daily Diary’ — Short takes from Online Media Director Ben Pollock
  • “ColumnNews’ — Items about columnists and bloggers around the country

* If the newsletter is not in the email inbox that you’ve listed with the NSNC office, please let us know at our contact form, . That’s also where you tell of other preferences and status or address changes.

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