Your Pick: Top Columns of 2013?

Six of John Avlon's Top Columnists for 2012 - The Daily Beast

Top L-R: Gail Collins, Mary Schmich, Dan Barry and, below, Colbert King, David Brooks and Dave Barry are among John Avlon’s Picks for 12 Best Opinion Columns of 2012, published in The Daily Beast. Montage from The Daily Beast.

John Avlon again is asking his fellow NSNC members for their choices of best columns posted or published in 2013.

John will compile the list — besides the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, he is combing social media as well as polling others, in addition to his own picks — and run it at year end in The Daily Beast, of which he is executive editor.

12-31-13 update: Here is John’s Daily Beast column, “The Best Columns of the Year.”

Email your choice to NSNC Director of Media Ben Pollock at by midnight Christmas Eve, that’s midnight Central time Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2013. We must have the specific URL or Web address of the column.

John Avlon

John Avlon

Please add a brief explanation — no more than double-tweet length of 240 characters or about 50 words — of why the column should make the grade.

This is an informal contest — with no prizes other than glory — for stand-out columns, not columnists, that were published or posted in calendar year 2013 online, newspaper, magazine or thumbtacked to an espresso cafe corkboard.

As a reference, here is John’s list from last year, “John Avlon’s Picks for 12 Best Opinion Columns of 2012.”

John Avlon, who has addressed several NSNC conferences, is co-editor of the two popular Deadline Artist anthologies: America’s Greatest Newspaper Columns and Scandals, Tragedies & Triumphs.

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