What’s Your #AdviceforYoungJournalists?

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By Dave Lieber
Dallas Morning News columnist

Dave Lieber

Dave Lieber

Did you catch any of the wonderful snippets of advice on Twitter recently tied to the hashtag #AdviceforYoungJournalists?

Hundreds of folks participated from around the world. Some responses were annoying such as one posted by anti-newspaper dolt @jeffjarvis (“Don’t get old.”) Others were quite wonderful:

“Ignore the haters,” tweeted @webjournalist.

@PennyRed tweeted, “Tell stories that aren’t being heard. Amplify unheard voices. ‘Go to where the silence is.’ — Amy Goodman.”

@emilybell: “Pick up the phone. Not joking. Ring them up. In person. At the weekend.”

I began thinking about wonderful pieces of advice I heard as a young one. These words hang over me today like old friends. Guiding lights as I try to maneuver close to the edge without stepping over any lines.

Here are some that I remember:

What kind of columnist are you going to be? A meteor that shoots brightly across the sky and then flames out? Or a comet that keeps coming around for more, as bright as ever? — the late Gil Spencer, former Philadelphia Daily News and Denver Post editor

As a columnist, you have a platform for social good. What type of non-profit can you align yourself with to help both of you grow and prosper? — Jonathan Nicholas, former Portland Oregonian columnist, 1996-98 NSNC president and founder of Cycle Oregon

Remember that public officials you write about who do bad things are not always crooks. Sometimes they’re just stupid. — Don Marsh, former editor of The Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette

Aim for short well-written feature pieces in the style of the legendary Homer Bigart. — Gene Roberts, former editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer

Never let them see you sweat, no matter what. — Gary Farrugia, publisher, The Day, New London, Connecticut

Write every column like it’s your last one. — Debbie Price, former columnist, Philadelphia Daily News

Who, what, when, where and why. — James Fisher-Northrup, my high school journalism teacher

Have fun. Always. — Diane Ketcham, former columnist, The New York Times, NSNC Lifetime Director of Fun

People will tell you anything and everything. But you have to smile and you also have to ask. — Bob Morris, former columnist, Orlando Sentinel

No matter the beat, no matter the story, every day is a chance to make page 1. — Mark Bowden, author of Black Hawk Down and former staff writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer

Put some soul in your writing. — Wil Haygood, former Washington Post Style section writer and author of the story behind The Butler movie

When you write a column on a topic, you will hear from like-minded people interested in that subject. Why not go the extra step and help them connect with one another? — Bill Tammeus, former columnist at the Kansas City Star, author of the Faith Matters blog and 1992-94 NSNC president

Don’t worry about getting it first. Worry about getting it right. — Bill Marimow, editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer

Official Twitter logoFew stories are important enough that they need to ruin someone’s life — Marimow

Do everything within your power to get both sides of the story. — Marimow, again

What are some of your most memorable pieces of #AdviceforYoungJournalists? If you have a moment, tweet me at @davelieber, and I’ll retweet you. And include our organization’s moniker — @NSNCgroup.

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Dave Lieber is The Watchdog investigative columnist for The Dallas Morning News. Curious about the chaos and havoc he is causing in the world? His stuff is free at dallasnews.com/watchdog.

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  1. March 16, 2015 at 10:16 am

    All good advice. I would add – You can start at any age. Never think you are too old to express a valid opinion.

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